Ariel Szekely

  • Ph.D. Student of Computer Science at MIT
  • Advisor: Frans Kaashoek
  • email: arielck at mit dot edu
  • interests: Operating systems, Security, Privacy, Virtualization, Heterogeneous Hardware, Concurrency
  • cv: [pdf]


I'm currently a second year Computer Science Ph.D. student in the PDOS group at MIT, supported by an MIT Lemelson Presidential Fellowship. I like to build efficient hardware-accelerated systems with strong security and privacy guarantees. I'm especially interested in exploring the security implications of emerging heterogeneous hardware and using it to improve the energy efficiency of real-world privacy-preserving systems.

Previously, I was an undergraduate student in the Turing Scholars Honors Program at the University of Texas at Austin. During my time there, I was fortunate to do some work on GPU timing side-channels and accelerator virtualization for OS kernels under the superb guidance of Emmett Witchel and Christopher J Rossbach.

Outside of research I'm an avid soccer player, a jazz pianist, and a proud Mexican immigrant. If you want to kick a ball around, jam, or make some guacamole, send me an email!

Selected Publications

Telekine: Secure Computing with Cloud GPUs [pdf]
Tyler Hunt, Zhipeng Jia, Vance Miller, Ariel Szekely, Yige Hu, Christopher J. Rossbach, Emmett Witchel.
NSDI 2020

Complete Publications


Teaching Experience (TA)

InstitutionSemesterCourse TitleCourse Number
UT AustinSpring 2020Introduction to CS Research (Honors) cs178h
UT AustinSpring 2020Concurrency (Honors) cs378h
UT AustinSpring 2019Introduction to CS Research (Honors) cs178h


  • 03/19/2020: Excited to join the PDOS group as I start my Ph.D. at MIT in Fall 2020!
  • 02/03/2020: Admitted to some Ph.D. programs!
  • 12/15/2019: Applying to Ph.D. programs!